Communications Capacity Building

Our current programs includes the Clean Energy Now campaign, the Michigan Summit, and communications and public education in support of immigration reform, establishing a Northern Borders Coalition, prison reform, criminal justice reform and workers’ rights.

building power through communications

As the communications hub for the non-profit civic engagement community in Michigan, Progress Michigan Education lends its staff talents to many of our partner organizations and coalitions. But even with our staff filling as many requests as possible, there was still a communications gap between what we’re able to provide and what our partners need to be able to get their message out, raise their profile and win big on their issues.

To fill the void, we created the Communications Capacity Building Project, a historic opportunity to build the communications infrastructure of organizations and ensure their messages are represented in the marketplace of ideas.

This is a unique and continuing training program providing non-profit, non-partisan organizations with specialized trainings, one-on-one analysis, assessment and assistance in upgrading communications capacity, including ongoing collaboration and support to participating organizations.

In our inaugural year, we conducted six trainings over six months on social media, message development, putting together press events and interview techniques.

The free trainings also covered media list management and development; communications tips and strategies; press release construction tips and timing; online capacity building and techniques; sample online communications with members; and email list growth tips.

Through the Communications Capacity Building Project, Progress Michigan Education has improved the ability of organizations to communicate by emphasizing the importance of strategic communications planning; proper use of technology and seizing opportunities.

Because not all non-profit, non-partisan organizations can fund a full-time communications director, the Communications Capacity Building Project will save these organizations vital financial resources, by providing valuable consulting services that will teach existing personnel how to more effectively and efficiently communicate.

As we move into the second year of the Capacity Building Project, we’re confident that our trainings have led to more efficient, responsive, nimble and effective organizations.

For more information on our trainings please contact Jessica Tramontana at or call 517-999-3646.