Don’t Mess With Our Elections

By Marissa Luna

We’re live-blogging the Elections and Ethics Committee hearing. Watch the hearing here and stay tuned for our updates.

The Electoral College process by which we elect our nation’s President and Vice President is as old as the Constitution itself.

Some of our representatives in Lansing want to rig Michigan elections at the expense of the people by changing the way our state allocates its Electoral College votes.

Michigan has had a winner-take-all Electoral College for most of our history. The current system of awarding electoral votes in our state ensures our votes are counted for President.

We need mindful public input and debate about anything as important as changing our centuries old system for electing the President. Any changes to the Electoral College should come from Michiganders themselves, not the elected officials who stand to benefit. 

Today, at 12:00 p.m., the Elections and Ethics Committee will hold a hearing to discuss tampering with the way Michigan allocates our Electoral College votes. You can watch the hearing live here. We’ll be there in-person live tweeting and posting all the latest updates to this page, so stay tuned.