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We’re working toward building a more equitable and sustainable Michigan. Our work focuses on emerging social justice issues and providing communications support for community-based organizations from Monroe to Marquette.

Engage Michigan operates behind the scenes, we’re the communications and research team for grassroots groups across the state. We work with organizations that share our values of inclusion, sustainability, equity, and freedom, and we focus our work in BIPOC,
low-income, and rural communities.

and Services

Our training programs are designed to provide hands-on experience and practical skills that can be applied to real-world advocacy campaigns and social justice issues.

Media 101

Media 101 provides a broad overview of how media plays a role in our advocacy, the importance of messaging and narratives, and how to use social media effectively. This training provides participants the opportunity to tailor their group’s message, and share out with one another, and receive feedback.

Heroes' Narrative

The Heroes’ Narrative is an effective communications strategy rooted in values using the power of storytelling to educate on important issues and causes. Participants will learn the basic elements of storytelling and how to develop a coherent narrative around their goals, as well as how to weave values, messages, and narrative into their communications. We will also explain “power cycles” and how they drive how we think and talk about the issues that matter to our communities.

Digital and Social Media

The Digital and Social Media training will give participants an overview of the major social media platforms and how best to utilize each, along with some bigger picture guidance on social media strategy and how to choose the right tactics for your organization or campaign. We will also include some beginner tips about paid digital programs.

Spokesperson Training

The Spokesperson training will teach participants how to prepare for press interviews and learn the importance of staying on message in our communications. This is an interactive training that provides participants with the opportunity to practice their skills.

Earned Media and Media Relations

The Earned Media and Media Relations training focuses on how to get your message out into the public. We’ll talk about “earned media” and how to “earn” stories in print, radio, and television as well as some helpful tools and tricks for reaching out to reporters and get them to cover your story.

Visual Tools 101: Graphics, Photos, and Videos

Whether you’re creating content for social media or covering an event, knowing how to use visual tools effectively can make all the difference. In Visual Tools 101 you’ll learn the basics of using Canva to create compelling content that captures your audience’s attention. We’ll cover topics like visual layout, basic color theory, and how to shoot quality photos and video.

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