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  • The “Bank Rupture” at Five

    Last week marked the fifth anniversary of Detroit being forced into bankruptcy, or what I refer to as the “bank rupture” that came in the wake of Governor Rick Snyder’s appointment of a bankruptcy expert, Kevyn Orr, to “oversee” Detroit’s finances so Snyder could then tell us he did everything

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  • We Need More Public Accountability for Our Universities

    By Denzel McCampbell The list of absolute failures that have come out of Michigan State University with Larry Nassar and the overall culture of not taking sexual assault and violence serious on campus is long. From personnel to administration, and up to the Board of Trustees, the number of officials

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  • World AIDS Day: Healthcare is Pivotal

    World AIDS Day: Healthcare is Pivotal Today is World AIDS Day. A global day to collectively commit to taking action in the fight against HIV/AIDS and provide support for those living with HIV. It’s also a time to reflect on those lost to the virus and remember them, along with

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  • Why We Need Alternatives to Policing

    By Kim Hunter While Trump et al have been working hard to subvert the call for racial justice when it comes to policing, I had yet another experience that illustrates the need not just for police reform but for something other than people with guns when things get dicey. The

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